The Story must be told live show


You are welcomed to worship the unknowable power of the Story! Join Brother Reid and Pastor Andrew as they deliver a once-in-a-lifetime service just for you. We will read gooey psalms, sing greasy hymns, and after hearing a Story or two, we'll watch a brand new Story produced with the magic of camera and tape: The Dog The Boy. There's no god in our church, but we must gather to worship anyway. We are witness to the Story, and The Story Must Be Told.

This show is a special live version of our upsetting short fiction podcast. The Story Must Be Told Live Show combines live performance, original videos, music, and tent revival insanity for an evening of darkly comedic delights.

Our first show was performed and filmed on October 11th, 2018 in Brooklyn at Videology.


We will bring the story to you. You will become one with the story.